Bowhay Institute for Legislative Development

CSGMidwestTom was nominated by the House Leadership to participate in the Bowhay Institute for Legislative Development (BILLD) in May of 2013. This is the only leadership training program designed exclusively for Midwestern legislators. The purpose of BILLD is to help newer legislators develop the skills necessary to become effective leaders, informed decision-makers, and astute policy analysts.

The program offers a unique opportunity for lawmakers to improve their leadership skills and explore the issues of the day with nationally renowned scholars, professional development experts, and legislative leaders and colleagues from across the region.

In addition to leadership training, such as conflict resolution and negotiation, BILLD provides policy seminars on issues such as public and higher education, Medicaid, fiscal federalism, economic development and welfare, as well as professional seminars on media relations, communications, and priority management.

The BILLD program is conducted by the Council of State Government (CSG) Midwestern Office, in cooperation with The Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Early Learning Fellows Program

earlylearningRepresentative Phillips was selected to participate in the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) year-long Early Learning Fellows program for state legislators. The program enables legislators to learn about leading efforts to improve the quality of childcare, implementing preschool and innovative ways to support families with young children across the age spectrum from birth to kindergarten and into the early grades. The program provides cutting edge research on child development, brain architecture, and critical foundational learning skills. Focus is provided state and federal policy initiatives addressing innovative strategies in early childhood programs and challenges with governance, financing, data systems and teacher training/professional development.